There was a Monastic Vocation Discernment Retreat at Prince of Peace Abbey from September 3-6, 2013.  Seven men attended the retreat and talks were given on various monastic topics by Fr. Abbot Charles, Fr. Prior Sharbel, Br. Daniel (Vocations Director), Fr. Stephanos, and Br. Philip.

Those attending were all California men: Irick Collins from Citrus Heights, Gerardo Sanchez from Chula Vista (but residing in Mexico), Daniel Hagenbuch from San Diego, Jerry Villalobos from Ontario, Cesar Cortes from San Marcos, Jaime Canedo from Irvine, and Michael DiBernardo from Murrieta.


There was plenty of time before and after the conferences for private prayer or for spiritual direction or consultation with one of the monks or the vocation director.  These men all learned a lot about monastic life and about themselves and how they possibly could one day see themselves as serving God as a monk.  They also got an opportunity to share in some of the work of the monastery with Br. Philip who had them help plant bougainvillea bushes.  One of the evenings, they dined with the monks while listening to table reading and then joined them afterwards for evening recreation.


We hope that all of you will pray for more good vocations to religious life and specifically to the monastic way of life at Prince of Peace Abbey.


From time to time the Abbey conducts Vocation Discernment Retreats, or one can arrange for a private discernment retreat.  For more information contact: