Then Jesus “went out to the mountain to pray,

spending the night in communion with God. ...” —Luke 6:12

The Retreat Center

Almost from the beginning the monks have offered retreats for the public who are interested in developing their own spiritual life in a place of seclusion.  The present retreat facility has room for 45 guests who wish to stay for a night or longer to join us in prayer or in silence.



A religious retreat is a special time for a person to close himself to all distractions and duties in order to focus on his/her relation to God. It is a time for spiritual renewal, for listening to the Lord, for setting goals, or for making major changes in one's life. While on a retreat a person might obtain spiritual direction, receive the sacrament of Reconciliation, read, pray, walk the stations of the cross, rest, etc.

There are several types of retreats. A one-day retreat is often called a Day of "Recollection". Overnight stays are generally referred to as a "Retreat."

Day of Recollection - Conducted by one of our monks

Groups of 15-40 people can schedule a day of recollection on Tuesdays or Thursdays at the Abbey. The cost per person is $30 and consists of the following:

9:00   A.M.     -    9:30   A.M.     -    10:15  A.M.     -


11:00  A.M.    - 12:00 Noon    - 1:30   P.M.      -



Priests of the monastery will hear confessions for Catholic groups requesting the Sacrament of Penances.


Lunch (included in fees).


Day of Recollection – Non-conducted

A group may choose to bring in its own speaker. A group may keep its own schedule, respecting, however, that we serve lunch from 12 Noon to 12:30 P.M. The cost for a non conducted day of recollection is $20 per person with availability from Monday through Friday.


We do not offer any day only group retreats conducted or non-conducted on Saturdays or Sundays.


Fees may be paid only by check or in cash.


Groups or individual persons may reserve time and space for their own retreat programs at the monastery. Those on retreat may attend prayers and Mass in the monastery church, or they may keep their own schedule, respecting, however, the monastery’s schedule for serving meals.


Individual retreats are Monday to Friday from one to four nights except Easter and Christmas.


Group retreats are available on weekdays and weekends.

There are two small conference rooms, one large conference room and an extra large conference room available for group retreats. A small chapel may be reserved by retreat groups for liturgical worship services. It seats 35 comfortably. The chapel supplies (liturgical vessels, vestments, candles, altar cloths, altar breads, altar wine) are available only for use by Catholics.

Two dining rooms are available; one of them is usually reserved for those who wish to eat in silence.


The guesthouse has 13 double rooms and 18 single rooms.

Maximum occupancy - 44 people.

All rooms have private baths.



The fee (covering rooms, meals, and use of facilities) for both individual and group retreats is $100.00 per night per person.


We require a deposit of $50 per room reserved for all group reservations.

Deposits are due no later than four months in advance of the retreat date reserved.


Fees may be paid only by check or in cash.


Arrivals and Departures

We do not make rooms available for Sunday arrivals.

Monday and Friday arrivals: if you have made a reservation, we can admit you to your room beginning at 3 P.M.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday arrivals: if you have made a reservation, we can admit you to your room beginning at 8 A.M.

Departure on Other Days Except Friday: please vacate your room by 1 P.M.

Friday Departure: please vacate your room by 8:45 A.M. — though you are welcome to remain at the monastery until the afternoon. Lunch on Fridays is included.

Areas open to guests and the public


Gift shop, Library, Prayer Walk (Outdoor Stations of the Cross), Cemetery.


The monastery’s church is open to guests and the public for silent prayer or for participation in the Mass and prayer services of the monks throughout the day. The monastery’s church is not available for any other activities or services.


Please avoid other areas, since these are private areas for the monks only.

PRINCE OF PEACE Retreat Center