The main library

Like most libraries, the abbey library is a repository for books and periodicals as well as many other different collections. Our library also has audio cassettes, CDs and VHS films, phonograph records, foreign and domestic postage stamp albums, rocks, sea shells, some photography/artwork, picture and news files. Since this is a monastic library, our schedule follows the regular work-prayer schedule for all the monks. Click on Library Hours for the times we are open.


Our regular collection consists of nearly 30,000 books catalogued according to the Dewey Decimal System. Library patrons may search for a book by way of title or author or subject using our card catalog or a dedicated computer. The card catalog contains cards which reference all our books acquired before January 2000 but the computer contains information on the entire collection of books, CDs and Videos, picture and news files. Books' subjects take on the full range of material: philosophy, psychology, theology, foreign language, sciences, arts, literature and history. We have nearly 2,000 titles in Scripture including Bibles or New Testaments written in 54 languages. There is no public internet service nor public xerox machine.


Loan Policy

Since we have lost many books to "well-intentioned" people, we cannot allow books to be checked out for home use. Retreatants may take books and cassette tapes to their retreat room and return them at the end of their retreat. Videos (VHS) may be borrowed by the retreatant and viewed in a smaller room. Arrangements for a room and equipment to view the films are made through the Retreat Master.


The Monastic Reserve collection

resides in the cloistered area of the library. Although these books are reserved for our monastic community only, many of the same titles are found in the regular collection as well. See Cloister.



The Oblate Library

Is a separate library with its own books and tapes. The material in this library has a focus on spiritual, Catholic and Benedictine life. There are over 2,000 books in this library for our Oblates.


Stamp Collection

We have an extensive collection of foreign stamp albums in addition to albums of domestic stamps. Many stamps are in mint condition. Most of these stamps were donated by friends of the Abbey. The Library is also the Recycling Center for the abbey. The proceeds from aluminum cans help defray the cost of library supplies as in special tape, glue, stamp albums and supplies.



Many of our books have come to the Abbey through the people's generous donations. We cannot accept donations of periodicals and we reserve the right to dispose of donated books which we cannot use.


Book Sale. Those books which we cannot use (duplicates, subject matter, etc.) are offered for sale

Photos of the Main Library