On Friday, Oct. 18, Bishop Flores came to the abbey to meet the monks and to become acquainted with our monastery and retreat house.


Although this was not the bishop’s first time on the hilltop, he was pleased use this semi-official visit to familiarize himself with the facilities.  Bishop Flores understands well the needs of the diocese and the possibilities for future growth.  Therefore his visit has assisted him in understanding yet another facet of the resources available to him.

In the bishop’s meeting with the monks he shared much of his background and early years in Corona, California, where his father was a barber for forty years.  It was of interest to us to learn that his first profession was as an attorney in the business world.  That experience will serve him well in dealing with the business and social complexities that face every executive today.


It was obvious that Bishop Flores is very sensitive to the issues that must be handled by his office, and with his gregarious personality and his love for the Lord and His Church there much hope for the future.


After a brief tour of the whole facility, the bishop expressed his desire to return and even make use of the obvious space and peace for an occasional retreat.


We will continue to pray for the Diocese of San Diego and its new and inspiring shepherd, Bishop Cirilo Flores.